Hi. I’m Kristen.

Kristen King is a digital native with a passion for authentic communication.

As virtual learning manager for Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., Kristen shapes the design and delivery of engaging, interactive, and exciting training and technical assistance for federal and state government clients.

When she’s not facilitating webinars, building elearning course, or developing comprehensive virtual training/TA plans from her home office near Tampa, Florida, Kristen runs half-marathons and obstacle races, teaches fitness classes, and blogs somewhat erratically at Inkthinker and Amateur Parenting. She has a thing for productivity hacks and may or may not have read The Four-Hour Work Week about a dozen times. Kristen is known for her high energy, unbridled enthusiasm in work and play, and what colleagues have described as “persuasive optimism.” (She is also known for her short hair.)

Earlier in her career, Kristen worked as a freelance writer/editor and communications consultant, an award-winning professional blogger, medical editor, magazine editorial assistance, and obituary writer. She has spoken extensively on social media, freelance writing, and work-at-home topics. Kristen has an undergraduate degree in English and a graduate degree in publishing, and is a Certified Virtual Event Producer (CVEP).

Kristen approaches her work with the innate ability to quickly grasp the big picture while taking care of the small details. Her practical approach, enthusiasm, and direct communication style help Kristen bring calm and balance to even the most chaotic  projects.